A Tureen Of Tales:
Donna's eighth CD, A Tureen Of Tales is a collection for kids ages six and up.  A gathering of tales that have little in common with each other besides being fun, and full of colorful characters, this CD has a taste of this and a taste of this and is perfect for satisfying a hunger for some fast paced rollicking fun.
“Donna Washington's expert delivery and magnificent character voices enliven and magnify these revised traditional stories. Each story has pertinent introductory story information that sets the stage for each narrative and is followed by a cleverly crafted and thought-provoking story.” 
Flora Joy’s review from Parent’s Choice

A Knock at the Door
The Grasshopper and the Ants
La Mariposa
The Tiger, the Man and the Mouse
Anansi and the Liar\'s Contest
Isaac and the Glum Drum Bridge
A Tureen of Tales
is a celebrated winner of

2013 Parents Choice
Gold Award