A Cup of Blood:
Tales for those who are not faint of heart! A Cup Of Blood boasts some of the gooiest, grossest, bloodiest tales I tell, and each and every one of them has at least a cup of blood in it...except for the one where the woman attempts to beat a fairy child to death. These stories are creepy, scary, and unfit for human consumption if you are prone to nightmares. A good CD for teenagers, grownups or anyone who likes this sort of thing, not so good for the younger crowd even if they do like these sorts of things. From a witch who has to spin her skin off so she can drink in your life force, to a jealous fiancée who comes back from the grave to assure his lady love never finds joy in another man’s arms, these are tales for the bold!

Brewery of Eggshells
Mr. Fox
The Boo Hag
The Lover's Promise