Bobbie Morgan

September 12, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

Donna Washington researched and presented an outstanding program for the Georgia Public Library Service linking literacy, libraries and storytelling. This presentation was made to almost 400 Children’s Services Librarians, Youth Services Librarians and Library Directors at the Children’s Services Annual Conference in 2004. Her presentation was received with a standing ovation, and the evaluations consistently rated her as the best speaker of the conference.

The presentation was lively, filled with facts, convincing and entertaining. The summer following the conference, Ms. Washington was solidly booked throughout the state of Georgia with many more libraries wanting to have her visit and present at their facilities.

There were many requests in 2005 and 2006 to have Ms. Washington repeat her presentation at the Children’s Services Annual Conference. As the Director of Children’s Services for the Georgia Public Library Service, I heard many requests for a return engagement and numerous compliments on Ms. Washington’s presentation at the conference as well as hundreds of library facilities. We have indeed invited Ms. Washington to return for the Children’s Services Annual Conference in February 2007. While I will be leaving my position here to become the Executive Director of the National Storytelling Network shortly and thus will not be here for Ms. Washington’s presentation in February, I am positive it will be another sterling example of the quality presentations I have grown to expect from her.

I can recommend Ms. Washington as an excellent storyteller, a thorough and learned researcher into storytelling and literacy, and give my unreserved enthusiasm for the quality she brings to each and every presentation. She is furthermore a joy to work with and makes the entire experience not only a delight for the audience, but also the event organizers.

Bobbie Morgan
Director, Children’s Services