Justin Ashworth – McNamara Elementary School

Dear Donna Washington,

Hi! My name is Justin Ashworth. I’m the library media specialist at McNamara Elementary School in Baldwinsville, New York. In late October we met and spoke briefly while you were storytelling at our school.

Your visit left such an impression on our students that we studied you (and storytelling) for another month in the library. One 2nd grade and four 3rd grade classes wrote you friendly letters and published them to a blog:

Some of the letters are a little choppy, but at the very least, they’ll make you laugh. The students got a charge out of writing them, knowing that they would be published on the Internet.

Our 5th Graders read A Big Spooky House and came up with alternate endings. They also published them to a blog:

If you have a free minute, we would be honored if you checked out our work. We enjoyed your visit and wish you continued success as an author and storyteller.

~Justin Ashworth
School Librarian
McNamara Elementary School
7344 O’Brien Road
Baldwinsville, NY 13027