Laura J. Wright

To whom it may concern:

Excellent! Wonderful! Awesome! These were just some of the adjectives that were used by students, staff, and parents to describe the visit of Donna Washington to our district and our neighboring district, Medford Lakes. Donna spent an entire week here, and met with all students from preschool through eighth grade. This very talented woman was able to entrance all with stories geared to their level. The stories that the first graders heard, for example, were different from the ones heard by fourth graders, which were different from the ones heard by the eighth graders.

Having arranged usually two author visits a year since 1976, I can say, without a doubt, that author/storyteller Donna Washington is THE BEST that we have ever had and we have had some very excellent authors/illustrators visit. Our present principal has been here for four years, and Donna is the first author whom he thanked me for arranging the visit! If you were to have only one author/storyteller visit, then it should be Donna Washington; I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is at the top of our “R” list — that is “R” for repeat, and I look forward to her return visit to our district.


Laura J. Wright
Media Specialist

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