Lisa Kissner

Email received 7/23/2004

Dear Donna,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for entertaining my son, Parke and I on Tuesday in Wallace, NC. We were delighted by your performance and have been thoroughly enjoying your CD, Little Shivers. In fact, we have listened to the CD about 10 times in the three days that we have had it! Parke now walks around the house reciting, “Barney McCabe, Dodillydo and Sueboy, your master’s calling you” and, “Run, Yassalissa, run!”. You have helped to get Parke away from the TV and Gameboy and opened up a whole new world to him. Again, thank you!! I wish now that I had purchased your other two CD’s that you had with you. I know that they are available through your website, but I would love to get them through you and autographed (to Parke), if possible. I will, of course, pay you for any postage/shipping, if you are willing to do this. If this is not possible, let me know and I will purchase them through the website.

My best wishes for your continued success.

Lisa Kissner