Mary Morgan Smith

July 29, 2006

To all lovers of storytelling:

Donna Washington has told stories for me at three different events in the past two years. (The 2005 Three
Rivers Storytelling Festival, the 2006 American Library Association Conference, and the 2006 National
Storytelling Conference.) She was amazing each and every time.

Donna appeals to a very broad range of audiences, enthralling both children and adults. She is skilled at
judging the needs of her audience. She tells folktales, fairy tales, legends, and personal stories with equal
skill and flair using words, voice, and physicality to bring the story to life. Donna is one of those rare people
who can make her audience laugh even as they cry.

Donna is one of the best storytellers I know. After each of the three major events where she told, I had
audience members seek me out afterwards to thank me for giving them the opportunity to hear her tell. I
highly recommend Donna Washington to all who seek a talented, professional storyteller.

Mary Morgan Smith
Mary Morgan Smith, producer
Three Rivers Storytelling Festival
Proceeds from the Three Rivers Storytelling Festival benefit Northland Public Library