Susan L. Adams

April 5, 2002

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been lucky enough to be a part of the audience for quite a few of Donna Washington’s wonderful storytelling programs, so I can personally recommend her unmistakable talent and skill. When she tells the story of the “Exploding Frog” her voice, expressions and body language bring the tale to vivid life- you really expect her to explode before the end of the story and find yourself holding your breath just in case. And, as a children’s librarian at the Southeast Regional Library in Garner, NC, I was very pleased at the number of requests for Donna’s book, A Big Spooky House that we recieved after our young patrons had listened to her masterful telling of her own work.

Also, as the organizer of the Wake County Public Library’s annual Storytelling Festival, I can recommend Donna as one of the most popular storytellers that we have feature in recent years. Our festival, which will celebrate its 20th year in 2002, is attended by over 6,000 people during the two days of events. This includes 4,500 3rd graders on the first morning of the Festival, 250 adults and older children at the evening event, and 1500 people at the Saturday afternoon program. Donna has been one of our 40 storytellers for the past two years (she was one of the three Feature Tellers in 2001), and has received some of the highest ratings possible on the evaluation form that the parents and teachers fill out at the school event.

Please consider making Donna Washington’s storytelling a part of one of your events. I heartily reccomend her storytelling skills as well as her professionalism. It is a pleasure working with her.

Susan L. Adams
Youth Services Supervisor
Southeast Regional Library