Welcome to the world of virtual storytelling!

I would love to visit your library or school for a virtual performance.

We offer a variety of options.

You can set up a Zoom or comparable viewing experience, or you can purchase a prepackaged virtual storytelling show!

If you want a show more tailored to your needs, let us know the theme around which you would like the show built, and you can order a set that is tailored to your specific needs.

Having a live show isn't always an option. Virtual Shows put you in charge!

Having your own virtual show means your library can stream it on their site or even use it for a video experience at a time or place of your choosing no matter the weather or traffic!

Schools can have a pajama party with your virtual teller, a fun afternoon, a special treat in the classroom, or a full assembly! Virtual telling is very flexible.

The timing is up to you!

How you share the stories is up to you!

As always, getting a live performer is best, but if that is not in the cards, a virtual teller is the next best thing!

Donna is also offering a prepackaged Artist In Residence module.

Storytelling Fundamentals

This Artist In Residence Class features eight modules that familiarize you with types of stories and then two classes designed to help you practice and then present your story. This is a great series for beginner storytellers fourth grade and up.

Lesson 1 Why Do We Tell Stories
Lesson 2 Folktales
Lesson 3 Fairytales
Lesson 4 Fables
Lesson 5 Mythology
Lesson 6 Spooky Tales
Lesson 7 How to Choose a Story to Tell
Lesson 8 How to Craft Your Story

For More Information -
Contact Dave Klibanow at d.klibanow@frontier.com