In addition to being a beloved author and renown storyteller, Donna Washington is also an accomplished presenter and educator. Donna has been presenting workshops and trainings for more than eleven years. She has done workshops for as few as three to as many as three hundred people.

She has given numerous workshops on a variety of topics. Most recently she has presented workshops at the North Carolina Storytellers Guild Retreat, the North Carolina Library Association Annual Conference, the Virginia Library Association Annual Conference, the Georgia Children’s Services Annual Conference, and the Georgia Council of Media Organizations Annual Conference. She was also a keynote presenter at the First Annual North Carolina Elementary School Conference

Below are a few of her more popular workshops. If you don’t see one that fits your particular venue, let her know. Donna will gladly tailor a workshop to meet your needs.
  Language and Literacy (Librarians, Storytellers, Educator preK-2)  
  In this workshop we explore thirty years of research that inextricably links language and literacy. We will discuss ways to increase a youngster’s aptitude in both. Using activities from finger games to beginning stories, we will look at ways of using familiar tales in the classroom and library to enhance vocabulary and improve a student’s chances of becoming a solid reader.  
  A Little Creative Drama (Librarians, Educator K-12)  
  Whether in the library or the classroom, creative drama can enhance both story time and writing assignments. It is not as difficult as you might think, and it is fun for both the participants and the leaders. We explore basic mime and simple story lines that can lead to writing assignments, or an additional story time activity.  
  Put Down the Book (Librarians, Storytellers and Educators)  
  Storytelling is a powerful tool in helping people connect to reading as well as increase their vocabulary. Many people want to tell stories, but are uncomfortable. They are unsure if they will be able to do it. There are some easy techniques to help you get started. If you have ever wanted to tell but have been unsure or nervous about putting the book aside, this is a workshop for you.  
  Story Crafting (Librarians, Storytellers and Educators)  
  This is a workshop for people who are already working on stories and want to work on specific pieces. This workshop is also for those who have begun telling and are building their repertoire. It is a coaching session for those who are trying to find their voice.  
  Storyteller’s Tool Kit (Storytellers)  
  This is a workshop for anyone who is transitioning into storytelling as a business. It deals with everything from formulating a business plan and mission statement to figuring out what sort of PR material you want to develop.  
  The Storyteller’s Voice (Librarians, Storytellers and Educators)  
  This workshop takes you through a good vocal warm up. We will work on breathing techniques and using your diaphragm to control your sound instead of forcing it out of your throat. We will also work on dialects, voices and sound effects.