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Storytelling As A Business – Let’s Focus On What’s Next

Almost 100% of my family’s income is derived from live performance. A small percentage comes from my published work, and a small percentage comes in through my husband working PRN

Making Sense of Time in Quarantine – Some Suggestions

Back when I was touring…you know, a month ago…I had this odd thing that happened regularly. Most of the time, I was on the go. I had shows in the

Adjusting To Life As An Artist During A Pandemic

Three weeks ago I was exhausted. I was on a twelve-week touring jag with a single week off in the middle of it. I was planning to be in Georgia,

When Murphy Strikes: The Aftermath

source This has not been a stellar week in the world of storytelling for me. I find myself wondering how children taste if you have the right recipe. I also

Don’t Let Ridiculous Speed Overwhelm You

Bullet Trains move at ridiculous speed! As a touring artist, most of my life moves at ridiculous speed when I am awake. Ridiculous speed is something many people can relate