Storytelling In Education

Telling Stories and Literacy: The Things You Don’t Usually Get To See

Photo Credit Jonathan Van Ark I am an unrepentant bibliophile and logophile. I love words and word games and reading. I could spend months sitting by a lake with a

We Are Our Stories: Nothing More. Nothing Less.

  I love doing sets that challenge audiences when I work in schools. I’m always trying to challenge them linguistically and developmentally. I try to challenge their imagination and their

What Is The Best Grade To Introduce Storytelling?

Some years ago, after a storytelling set, a curriculum teacher told me she really wanted to start using storytelling in the classroom. She asked me what would be the best grade

Telling For Sixth Graders

February is always an exhausting month for me. My running joke is that even people who didn’t know they needed a performer of any kind suddenly need a black one in February!

Process v.s. Product while in Residence

I truly hate doing short residencies that are meant to end up in a performance. This is not the case if I am brought in to work with a group