Storytelling As A Business – Let’s Focus On What’s Next

Almost 100% of my family’s income is derived from live performance. A small percentage comes from my published work, and a small percentage comes in through my husband working PRN

Normal Doesn’t Mean Anything – Let’s Focus On Moving Forward

  The Past Time! Normal – adjective 1. conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. “it’s quite normal for puppies to bolt their food”         Next – adverb adverb: next 1.

Making Sense of Time in Quarantine – Some Suggestions

Back when I was touring…you know, a month ago…I had this odd thing that happened regularly. Most of the time, I was on the go. I had shows in the

Adjusting To Life As An Artist During A Pandemic

Three weeks ago I was exhausted. I was on a twelve-week touring jag with a single week off in the middle of it. I was planning to be in Georgia,

Day 11 – Jan Ernst Matzeliger – Mechanical Engineer/Sole Man

Jan Ernst Matzeliger             1852 – 1889       Who Was He?           Jan Ernst Matzeliger was born in 1852

Dr. Inez Beverly Prosser and Brown V The Board Of Education

Dr. Inez Beverly Prosser           Dr. Inez Beverly Prosser 1897? – 1934 Who Was She?               Inez was born in

William Henry Cling – Did He Invent The Hospital Bed Before Gatch?

William Henry Cling – 1866 – 1937     Now, before I start this, I want to be clear about something…I did not come here to throw shade. I came

Sarah Goode – A Practical Bed For Small Spaces

  source   Sarah Elisabeth Jacobs Goode – 1855 – 1905   What We Know For Sure Sarah was born in 1855 in Toledo, Ohio. After the Civil War ended,

Frederick McKinley Jones – The coolest Man in History

Frederick McKinley Jones     Frederick McKinley Jones – 1893 – 1961       A Rough Road     Right out of the shoot there is some disagreement about

Ernst E. Just – Biologist, Zoologist, Cell Man

Source Born 1883 – Died 1941 A Difficult Start Ernest E. Just was born in South Carolina. His early life was fraught with difficulties. When he was four years old,