Taming The Wild Personal Narrative

source My Uncle Pete loved cats. he had a million of them. His favorite one had one blue eye. The other eye, whatever color it might have been, had been

Sometimes I Forget…..

Storytelling is work Being a working storyteller is a pretty intense job at times. Right now the booking season is in full swing and schools, libraries, conferences and other types

Reading Up: A Literary Strategy

  My son loved this book when he was three Emergent readers are typically children, but they can also be adults, who are just beginning to learn the forms of

Li Chi Slays The Serpent

  source This story has been sitting in my body for days. It wants to be shared. Long ago, in China, there was a fearsome serpent who lived in the

Justice Fairytale Style!

source Over the course of my storytelling life, I have marveled at how kids react to villains. Depending on what that character is doing, kids turn on a dime. They

How To Avoid Blundering Into Horrible Gig

source There are few things worse than blundering into a performance situation that is annoying or horrible. We all have types of shows we won’t do. For every performer who

What Does It Mean To Be A Successful Storyteller?

Storytellers tend to feel it when we hit it out of the park. When we leave a stage or a classroom after having been incredibly successful, we can feel it

What Is The Best Grade To Introduce Storytelling?

Some years ago, after a storytelling set, a curriculum teacher told me she really wanted to start using storytelling in the classroom. She asked me what would be the best grade

Strength: A Reflection on Stories, Wisdom, and Power

Strong? What does it mean to be strong? Delilah beguiled Samson, lay with him, and when he was asleep, she cut his hair. When the deed was done she called

Telling For Sixth Graders

February is always an exhausting month for me. My running joke is that even people who didn’t know they needed a performer of any kind suddenly need a black one in February!