Where Did January Go?

It is the last week of January, and I am already behind. Only two blog posts this year? Really? Spent about seven days this week ill. Nothing debilitating, you understand,

White For A Black Girl

My son is nineteen. He does not drive. ….The first time my blackness was challenged was by black children in Beaumont, Tx. I went to school with lots of military

Thoughts About Storytelling To Start 2018

We made it to 2018. More shows, more writing, more teaching.  I found myself in two conversations this week about the nature of storytelling. I thought I’d share some of

Last Day of Kwanzaa! Imani – Faith

Darith lighting the Kinara – Photo by Kat Heller Habari Gani! Imani (i-mah’-nee) – Faith.           Last night we had a Karamu – Our celebration. Here

Kwanzaa Day 6 – Kuumba. Creativity!!!

      Habari Gani? Kuumba! It means creativity!             We must strive to leave the world a more beautiful place than we found it

Kwanzaa Day 5 – Nia – Purpose

      Habari Gani!     Nia (nee’-uh) – Purpose. We must live our lives with purpose. We must have goals and aspirations. This is the only way we

Kwanzaa Day 4 – Ujamaa – Cooperative Economics.

Habari Gani?   Ujamaa (oo-jah’-mah) – Cooperative Economics.     Ujamaa means that African Americans must strive to open and maintain businesses. This also means that African Americans should patronize

Day 3 of Kwanzaa – Ujima

  Habari Gani!     Ujima (oo-gee’-mah) – Cooperative Work and Responsibility. We must work together to make our families and communities strong. We are responsible for ourselves and we

Day 2 of Kwanzaa – Kujichagulia

  Habari Gani!   Kujichagulia (coo’-gee-chah-goo-lee-ah) – Self-Determination.     We must strive to define ourselves, understand ourselves, make choices for ourselves, and go through the world as we choose,

What is Kwanzaa?

Yes, it is once again Kwanzaa time!  Time to eat benne cakes, roll out the Mkeka, set up the Kinara, light the Mishuma Saba, pass around the Kikombe Cha Umoja, and reflect on the Nguzo Saba! Hooray! Before we