Day 2 of Kwanzaa – Kujichagulia

Day 2 of Kwanzaa – Kujichagulia


Habari Gani!


Kujichagulia (coo’-gee-chah-goo-lee-ah) – Self-Determination.



We must strive to define ourselves, understand ourselves, make choices for ourselves, and go through the world as we choose, and not as someone else forces us to. It means to take control of your own destiny.

In 2017, there were many examples of Kujichagulia in America.

– The #metoo movement was Kujichagulia.

– The fight to include more positive images of people of color in all media was Kujichagulia.

– Fighting for access for affordable healthcare as a right and not a privilege was Kujichagulia.

What other large scale movements did you see this year?

There were also more intimate fights for self determination this year.

What did you do in your life to define yourself?



In Relationships?



The frogs were hosting a grand concert by the pond. Everyone who was anyone was planning to attend. The dragonflies were the main attraction, and the Mayflies were doing their one and only concerto.

As everyone flew, walked, or burrowed to the concert, there was a little ant rolling a crumb up a hill. She was complaining the entire time.

“Why do I have to do this by myself? Why won’t somebody help me?”

A grasshopper came by.

“Would you help me with this?” asked the little ant.

“Sorry,” said the grasshopper. “I am on my way to the concert.”

A cricket came by.

“Would you help me with this?” asked the little ant.

“Sorry,” said the cricket. “I am on my way to a concert.”

A cicada came by.

“Would you help me with this?” asked the little ant.

“Sorry,” said the cicada. “I am on my way…”

“To the concert,” said the little ant.

“Why yes! Everyone is going to be there. You should come.”

“I will go if somebody will help me!” shouted the little ant.

“I will help you,” said a roach who just happened to be passing.

“Oh,” said the ant, “thank you!”

The roach walked over and took a huge bite out of the crumb.

“Why did you do that?” the ant demanded.

“I just made it lighter,” said the roach.

“It wasn’t too heavy!” yelled the ant.

“I made it easier to carry,” said the roach.

“It wasn’t too hard to carry!” yelled the ant.

“I made it smaller,” said the roach.

“I didn’t want it smaller!” yelled the ant.

“What did you want?” asked the roach.

The little ant subsided. What she had wanted was for someone else to do her work for her. She picked up the tiny morsel and went on about the rest of her day.

She didn’t enjoy the work, but she did it because it was her responsibility. When she took a step back and looked at the pile of food she’d accumulated, she took pride in what she’d accomplished.

As for the concert. She didn’t have time to go, but after work she went down to the nursery and entertained the little ones. They loved it.

By the time she went to bed, she reckoned she’d had a pretty good day.

Happy Kwanzaa!