Kwanzaa Day 5 – Nia – Purpose

Kwanzaa Day 5 – Nia – Purpose




Habari Gani!



Nia (nee’-uh) – Purpose. We must live our lives with purpose. We must have goals and aspirations. This is the only way we move forward.

This year I got one step closer to being a novelist.

This year my son started his junior year and we are supporting him as he pursues his dreams and moves one step closer to entering the real world.

This year my daughter successfully graduated high school, and we are supporting her as she pursues her dreams in college.

This year I began to make changes in my life so that I will be there to support my parents as they need more and more of my time and energy.

What did you do this year to further the purpose in your life?



A synopsis of Li’l Rabbit’s Kwanzaa
by Donna Washington

Little Rabbit does not like Kwanzaa, but he loves the feast of Karamu.

Unfortunately, his grandmother, who always does the cooking, is not feeling well.

He decides that he will make the Kwanzaa feast himself. He goes out into his community looking for berries or something nice to decorate the house.

He runs into his neighbors, and when he explains what he is doing and why they don’t really understand what Kwanzaa is, but they know his grandmother, and they are worried about her.

He spends all day searching for something to make Kwanzaa wonderful, but despite his efforts, he is the littlest rabbit. He can’t find anything.

He goes back home in defeat, but he walks into a grand celebration.

All of his neighbors have come together to celebrate all of the wonderful things that Granna Rabbit does for the community, and they’ve brought Karamu, the feast of Kwanzaa, alive for the family.

Li’l Rabbit had a purpose and went out in search of it. His dream brought his community together.


Happy Kwanzaa!!