A Little Shiver (Story Collection)

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This recording is dedicated to anyone who has ever awoke in the middle of the night and huddled with fear under the covers, waiting for the sun to come up.

These stories are featured on Donna’s story collection, ‘A Little Shiver’. It is a collection of not so scary stories for those times when you want to be scared, but just a little bit. It is family friendly and great for kids in middle school and older. The tracks featured in this collection are:
“Barney McCabe” – 12:26
“Red, Red Lips” – 5:40
“A Big Spooky House” – 8:31
“Vassalissa and the Babba Yagga” – 20:59
“The Boogin in the Gray Graveyard” – 14:04
“Taily Po” – 9:00

Total Length – 1:10:40

Each digital story can be downloaded three times.