The Boogin in the Gray Graveyard (Single Story)

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This variant came to be because I heard Janice Del Negro tell this great ghost story. She told me I could tell it, but I couldn’t remember how it went, so I filled in the parts that I forgot. Later, I shared my version with her and she fell over laughing. The two versions have little in common. This is a story that has certainly evolved through the oral tradition! It is a tale that is much scarier to watch than it is to listen to. You can find Janice Del Negro’s version in a beautiful picture book entitled ‘Lucy Dove’.

This story is featured on Donna’s story collection, ‘A Little Shiver’. It is a collection of not so scary stories for those times when you want to be scared, but just a little bit. It is family friendly and great for kids in middle school and older.

This digital story can be downloaded three times.

Length – 14:04