The Sword and the Rose (Story Collection)

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The Sword and the Rose came about because I wanted to record some stories about relationships. The things women want and expect haven’t changed much over the years. How those things are defined morphs back and forth, but the truths of what women want and need in order to be happy don’t differ much across cultures or through time. We want to be respected, loved, listened to, honored and given a voice. We want to feel strong, have moments of vulnerability and ultimately trust the person to whom we have given our very lives. To hear men tell it, they want many of the same things. So, relationships are about the giving and taking of these basic needs.

We crave the power, control and strength of the sword, but also the beauty, grace and delicacy of the rose. How we balance those things between us is what determines what kind of relationships we have.

This story collection is recommended for adults and teens. Each digital story in this collection can be downloaded three times. This collection features the following stories:

“The Blanket and the Bowl” – 6:12
“John and Mattie Sly” – 29:52
“The Loathly Lady” – 29:43
“The Ice Woman” – 13:20

Total length – 1:19:14