Troubling Trouble (Story Collection)

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This CD is dedicated to my little brother, Milton, whom I love with all my heart. He is well acquainted with trouble!
I spend a lot of time tumbling into and out of trouble. I wish I could avoid it, but somehow it always finds me. All of the responsible adults in my life keep telling me to keep away from trouble. The trouble is that it is often hard to identify trouble until I get good and deep inside of it. I always manage to get taken in by the Tar Baby. I am a sucker for the flatterer and I inevitably tell the wolf how to get to Grandma’s house. Well, what do you want? If there were no troubles, there would be no stories and no storytellers.

These stories are featured on Donna’s story collection, ‘Troubling Trouble’. It is a collection of tales from all around the world about getting into trouble as well as getting out of it. It is family friendly and great for all ages. The stories featured are:

“Brother Sun and Sister Moon” – 9:20
“Brer Possum and the Snake” – 9:47
“The Monkey’s Heart” – 7:25
“How the Animals Got Rain” – 12:31
“Brer Possum and the Frogs” – 15:17
“Anansi and the Hat Shaking Dance” – 9:20
Total Length – 1:03:40

Each digital story can be downloaded three times.