Normal Doesn’t Mean Anything – Let’s Focus On Moving Forward

  The Past Time! Normal – adjective 1. conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. “it’s quite normal for puppies to bolt their food”         Next – adverb adverb: next 1.

Adjusting To Life As An Artist During A Pandemic

Three weeks ago I was exhausted. I was on a twelve-week touring jag with a single week off in the middle of it. I was planning to be in Georgia,

Sometimes I Forget…..

Storytelling is work Being a working storyteller is a pretty intense job at times. Right now the booking season is in full swing and schools, libraries, conferences and other types

Li Chi Slays The Serpent

  source This story has been sitting in my body for days. It wants to be shared. Long ago, in China, there was a fearsome serpent who lived in the

How To Avoid Blundering Into Horrible Gig

source There are few things worse than blundering into a performance situation that is annoying or horrible. We all have types of shows we won’t do. For every performer who

What Is The Best Grade To Introduce Storytelling?

Some years ago, after a storytelling set, a curriculum teacher told me she really wanted to start using storytelling in the classroom. She asked me what would be the best grade

Telling For Sixth Graders

February is always an exhausting month for me. My running joke is that even people who didn’t know they needed a performer of any kind suddenly need a black one in February!

Thoughts About Storytelling To Start 2018

We made it to 2018. More shows, more writing, more teaching.  I found myself in two conversations this week about the nature of storytelling. I thought I’d share some of

Librarians Have The Best Stories

Blogging has been a very interesting experience for me. As I continue on into the years, I learn more about the insidious way my brain works. So, I promised to